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Finanseer Relationship Coaching

Are you in a relationship and noticing your business partner, spouse, girlfriend or boyfriend view money differently than you do? Whether you have already broke out into full on screaming matches or you want to talk about it before the first one might arise, money coaching can begin repairing your relationship or truly save it before it's in trouble.

Ways to Work

Single Session: One time 90 or 120 Minute Sessions
Package 1: 8 weeks, 90 or 120 minute session via phone or in person
Package 2: 12 weeks, weekly 90 or 120 minute session via phone or in person

Please email to set up a complimentary 15-minute consultation to discuss your relationship needs and a package that works for you.

What to expect...
More than ½ of relationships end due to financial stresses and disagreements, so consider this a "wise investment." Don't let money be the excuse to suffer! Let money be a tool that helps you both thrive and move upward and onward.

Money can begin to be a tool for intimacy, personal growth and connection. Each couple, partnership or team has a different story, but the results are exponential.

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