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Finanseer Laser Coaching

I was named a "Finanseer" because of my ability to see the blind spots that create people's unconscious limiting beliefs around money. And I use this to help my client's find a new perspective so they can create the lifestyle and experiences they want -- regardless of the amount of money they have in the bank! I help people uncover their biggest asset, which is their ability to creatively see opportunities for a full life whether the economy is up or down.

Ways to Work

Single Session: One time 60 or 90 Minute Laser Session
Package 1: 8 weeks, 60 or 90 minute session via phone or in person
Package 2: 12 weeks, weekly 60 or 90 minute session via phone or in person

Please email to set up a complimentary 15-minute consultation to discuss your needs and a package that works for you.

What to expect...
This spring I worked with an Entrepreneur who moved her office home after having a formal office and staff for 15 years. Although she had less overhead, she was still tied to an office…just this time the office was a few steps away in her morning slippers. Working together we uncovered several beliefs that were limiting her life that stemmed from her view of money.

One belief was that she believed that she needed to be accountable every hour, at a desk, to justify her hourly rate. This meant that without staff or an "office," she still didn't have any freedom.

The second belief was that even though her jobs were bid at a fixed fee, she believed that she needed to bid her jobs based on the estimated hours – and at a rate that she had established 10 years prior. After we worked together and identified these beliefs, she realized that her "office" was anywhere and she used some of the money that she had been paying for her previous office to travel and have a mobile global office. The second was a shift in selling her skills as a deliverable outcome, not based on hours. This dramatically increased her profits...actually, within a week of our session she was able to bid and close 2 jobs, both at $10k over what she previously had the courage to ask for.

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